Indian Head Massage


 Indian Head Massage is a seated treatment for the upper back, shoulders, neck, face, scalp and upper arms and is known as 'champissage' in India. Practised in India for centuries, it is based on an ancient system of medicine called Ayurveda (meaning 'science of life') which focuses on keeping the whole body healthy and keeping the mind, body and spirit in balance. Indian mothers would practice daily to bond with their babies and children to keep them balanced and healthy. Children are then taught the art to carry through to adulthood and pass down to their own children. 


In Indian culture, the life-force energy called Prana (equivalent to Chi in Chinese and Ki in Japanese) is affected by our lifestyles, our surroundings, dietary choices, the time of day and the four seasons. During Indian Head Massage, a system of pressure points are stimulated called marma points. There are 37 marma points in the head and neck and when these are stimulated, it helps restore balance by releasing stagnant energy and allowing the energy (Prana) to flow more efficiently around the body.


Indian head massage can be beneficial in many ways,  improving skin and hair texture, scalp condition, muscle tone, memory, concentration and sleep patterns. Tension heads, tinnitus and sinus problems can also be reduced.


What to expect...


This treatment can involve the use of oils on the skin and hair, although, there is always the option of having your Indian head massage fully clothed and hair dry if that it your preference, as this treatment can be performed without oil too.


After the consultation, while seated, you will be asked to take 3 deep breaths as the treatment begins, to initiate a rhythm of relaxation. The therapist's hands will then be placed on your shoulders to introduce touch and connect with your energy before the massage starts.


A short talk about how you feel and any relevant aftercare will follow the end of the treatment.

Indian Head Massage – 45 mins - £30

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