What is Holistic Therapy?

The holistic approach

An holistic approach to therapy is when a person is treated as a whole being, across all planes; Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. We are all these things, so therefore, all contribute to our overall state of existence.


Holistic therapies can help to reach a person on all levels. Therefore treating all or the whole of a person, rather than just a person's symptoms, which could be caused by deep rooted emotional responses.


A massage can physically help relieve aching muscles by increasing the blood flow and allowing more oxygen to reach them, aiding in repair. Mentally this is very relaxing and allows the mind to calm and recharge. This in turn is very encouraging emotionally as we feel energised and cared for. During a massage we relax, we slow down from the business of life, we take time to stop, to think, to breathe properly, and this in itself is a major factor in reducing stress and boosting our energy levels.

 On a spiritual level, we are all we've ever been and all we'll ever be, and imbalances can be carried through time and space to wherever you are or were. Our past experiences and habits are embedded into us, sculpting our reactions and processes. Connecting to our spirit, our energy or higher self, can help release and reduce our many struggles we face on a day to day basis.  When we work with the chakras we connect with our higher self, to help heal ourselves on all our levels.  

Chakras are energy centres that lay throughout our body, with the seven main chakras located at different places along the direction of the spine. Each chakra is associated with a gland/organ, colour and purpose (correspondence with an emotional attribute). Positive and negative energy can be absorbed and expelled through our auras (our energy body) and into our physical body via these centres. A chakra becomes blocked if there is an imbalance of energy that needs clearing. The result of this can cause the body to react in a physical and emotional way, creating physical symptoms and mental blockages.


The use of chakra stones within the stone therapy massage can assist with the unblocking of the chakras too, they are placed at the seven main chakra points during the massage to help rebalance the energy. The stones can be cleansed in many ways and I cleanse mine with Reiki energy. Reiki itself works with the chakras directly, filling the chakras with positive healing energy.


Please note, you do not need to 'believe' in Reiki or any of the information given here to receive the full benefits of the treatments, Reiki will go wherever it is needed and will always flow in your best interests, it just flows more fluidly when we are open to it.


Holistic and complementary therapies do not diagnose or claim to 'cure' issues but instead opens a door to a path to the root of the cause, encouraging self discovery and recovery from within.

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