Body Massage


Known to be derived from the Greek word “massein”, meaning “to knead”, massage is a therapy that uses muscle manipulation to promote relaxation, stimulation and invigoration by pressing, stroking and kneading soft body tissues.


As an art, massage has existed for thousands of years. The origins can be traced back to ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine traditions. Ingrained in us all through the instinct to hold and rub our own injuries to relieve pain and aid in comfort, massage is considered to be the oldest method of pain relief and is highly regarded in gaining a sense of peace and well-being within ourselves, balancing our mental being as well as healing our physical body.


Modern Swedish techniques provide an array of methods to achieve effective physiological and psychological results. As well as mental relaxation and feelings of calm contentment, these techniques can also produce uplifting and motivational effects. The physical body benefits from the improved blood circulation, which in turn leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother with a healthy glow. Toxins are expelled from the body through the skin which helps to keep the body balanced and healthy. Joint mobility and flexibility can also be improved as can the muscles elasticity which encourages good muscle tone and helps to reduce cellulite.


What to expect...


A detailed consultation will be undertaken at the first visit, shorter consultations will follow on further visits, depending on personal needs. Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes on your first visit to allow for this in depth consultation. This will include a selection of personal, medical and lifestyle questions to make sure the treatment can be tailored to your requirements.


The treatment involves using Swedish massage techniques across the body, paying special attention to any areas of concern, which were discussed during the consultation.


For the complete body massage, all clothes (apart from the lower under garments) will need to be removed, as will any jewellery, including body piercings. For the shorter treatment including just the back, neck and scalp, you can choose to keep your bottom half clothed if that is your preference. Your modesty will always be protected and respected at all times and towels will cover you appropriately throughout the treatment.


A short talk about how you feel and any relevant aftercare will follow the end of the treatment.

Complete Body Massage - 75 mins - £40

includes legs, feet, arms, hands, back, abdomen, neck, shoulders, scalp & face


Back, neck & scalp - 45 mins - £32 

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