Reiki is a healing system using the laying on of hands over the body while sitting or laying fully clothed. Reiki gently uses spiritual energy to enable the receiver time to rediscover themselves, encouraging personal growth and the ability to self heal without the use of massage, manipulation or pressure. By using different hand positions across the body and the main chakras, negative energy is dispersed and transformed into positive energy. The word Reiki itself is often translated into 'universal life-force energy' or 'spiritual energy'. Rei – meaning 'universal knowledge' or 'spirit', referring to the higher force, the Source of life, the Creator, All That Is or Universal power. Ki – meaning 'life-force energy', the energy that flows through all living things; plants, animals, humans, it can even be present in rocks and stones and other inanimate objects. Reiki is completely safe and works individually and uniquely with each person, it flows wherever is needed and will only ever 'do' good.


Stress, tension, emotional troubles, depression, discomfort from physical aliments, self esteem, inner strength, peace, happiness, whatever your worries, Reiki can help.


What to expect...


In all cases, a consultation will be undertaken prior to treatment to talk through any concerns you have and what your specific needs are. During your consultation, you'll be asked if you would prefer 'hands-on' or 'hands off' treatment. You have the choice to accept either approach. In both methods, hands are never placed directly on areas of sensitivity, including across the neck and private areas but instead will hover about 2 inches from the body in your energy field. Reiki will still flow the same either way. During a 'hands on' treatment, hands are gently placed directly on the body (apart from the areas mentioned) and held for a few minutes in different positions from head to toe. You will always remain fully clothed.


Reiki is very safe and will only ever work in your best interests. The energy flows to wherever it is needed in the body, this can cause a variety of sensations, such as tingling or a variance in temperature. Stomach rumbling is also a common occurrence which can on occasion, bring bout a spout of giggling, this is all completely natural, you will at the very least feel deeply relaxed and cared for. Random memories, smells, thoughts and emotions can also pop up, again this is all normal and should be embraced as the re-balancing and clearing are taking place, and that is a good thing.


A short talk about how you feel and any relevant aftercare will follow the end of the treatment.  

Seated (30 minutes) - £25

Laying (60 minutes) - £32 

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