'Aroma' meaning pleasant scent and 'therapy' meaning treatment, this ancient method of using plant extracted essential oil for therapeutic means can be traced back as far as the early Egyptians, some 5000 years ago.


From the Egyptians to the Greeks, Romans to the middle east and Europeans in the medieval ages, the process of using these essential oils in varied ways has proven to be a generous aid to our health and well being.


Being a holistic treatment, aromatherapy works on the body as a whole entity, uniting mind, body and spirit, healing the whole person by stimulating the body to heal itself, promoting health and vitality. Many physical aliments and illnesses are caused by stress and unbalance in our mental state, using essential oils can help to alleviate this stress, in turn improving the physical body and returning balance to the spirit and the mind.


Essential oils can be used in the bath, by inhalation, in burners, in compresses and applied with a carrier oil during massage. Massage in itself has many of its own benefits including pain relief, detoxification and relaxation, so being massaged with essential oil makes a sweet union which results in both physiological and psychological beneficial adjustments. 


What to expect... 


During your first visit, please allow an extra 15-20 minutes to accommodate an in depth consultation, where you will asked questions regarding your medical history and lifestyle also how you feel on an emotionally level. Consultations will remain shorter on following treatments depending on your needs.  This will determine what your requirements are initially and any that change. At each treatment you  will be offered to smell the aromas of 2 selected pre-blended oils based on what was discussed and which ever aroma you prefer is the one your body needs, it's very clever stuff!


This treatment is very gentle and of a much slower pace to really help your problems melt away.


Following your treatment there will a short talk on how you feel and a discussion about any relevant aftercare.

Aroma Complete Body (with pre-blended oils) – 75 mins - £40

includes legs & feet, arms & hands, abdomen, back, neck, face and scalp


Aroma back, scalp & face - 45 mins - £32

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