Stone Therapy Massage


With ancient roots in Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Hawaiian and Native American culture, stone therapy has been used across the ages to warm, heal, balance and protect through the placement of hot and cold stones upon the body.


Hot Stones can provide pain relief to strained and contracted muscles, increase blood circulation, relieve stiffness of joints increasing joint flexibility, help detoxify the body and reduce stress and tension of the body and the mind.


The use of cold stones can also aid in blood circulation and pain relief, especially for sore and damaged muscles, muscle tone can also be improved. Inflammation and puffiness in swollen areas can be alleviated and use in abdominal area during menstruation can help to lessen menstrual discomfort. Cold stones can also cool the body during hot flushes or on a hot day and can additionally help reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Geothermaltherpay is the technical term for using heated and chilled stones on the body, 'geo' meaning from the Earth and 'thermo' meaning heat. The most commonly used stones for massage are basalt (hard black volcanic rock), marble (a type of limestone) and marine (formed from ocean floor sediment). Chakra stones can also be used as placement stones, these consist of 7 small different coloured semi precious stones/crystals which correspond with and are placed at each of the seven main chakras.


What to expect... 


A detailed consultation will be undertaken at the first visit where you will be asked medical, personal questions, including lifestyle questions to establish your history, shorter consultations will follow on further visits, depending on personal needs. Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your initial consultation.


The treatment begins by cleansing the feet, followed by the placement of hot stones on the back to initiate the warming of the back muscles. 


Hot and cold stones will be used to massage the body, release tensions within the muscles and help detox the body. Included in the complete body package, chakra stones are also used to help balance the chakras, this will be done while you lay on your back, you will also have warm placement stones placed on your front during this time on 3 of the main chakras. For more information about chakras please see the Holistic Therapy section of this website.


As with every treatment with Branches, a small talk about how you feel and any relevant aftercare will follow the end of the treatment. 

Stone Therapy Complete Body – 75 mins - £45

includes legs, feet, arms, hands, back, neck, shoulders, face and chakra work


Back, neck & shoulders - 45 mins - £35

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