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We love what we do

Branches is a place of well being and calm, a place to regain balance and to feel nurtured, relaxed and rejuvenated, a place to feel you again.


We all have the power to self heal and through use of complementary therapies, we can help ourselves recover. Whether it's a physical issue or trouble on a deeper plane, it's all connected and by giving ourselves time out, to breathe, to think, to feel whole again, we can start to repair and feel revived.


Offering a range of complementary therapies including Body massage, Stone Therapy massage, Aromatherapy massage (with pre-blended oils), Indian Head Massage and Reiki, provided by a Level 3 Qualified Therapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. 


Branches now offer treatments from The Plymouth Life Centre, Monday - Friday.


A professional and relaxing treatment room awaits, offering a perfect place to escape from your daily stresses.... and those that have stayed a while, causing pain and discomfort in a physical form.


Blossom on a path to a special destination.....you. Rest.... and find your place of calm.... here under these Branches.


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Branches Holistic Therapy

Plymouth Life Centre 

Mayflower Drive | Plymouth



t: 07498 684 076