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Belinda E, Feedback Questionnaire

Good firm massage and excellent treatment. I will be back!


Joanne J, Feedback Questionnaire

Feeling so relaxed. I would like to make more time in my life for this kind of treatment. 


Ele K, Feedback Questionnaire

Kathryn is always so professional and on top, her therapies are outstanding. AMAZING!!!


Jo SFeedback Questionnaire

Feeling relaxed and excellent.


Kathryn H, Feedback Questionnaire

Excellent how professional it was. The music, the smells and comfort was wonderful.


Ele K, Facebook

Just had an amazing full body massage from Kathryn at Branches. Not only did she give my back extra attention as requested, I was also given the best aftercare service I have ever had. Kathryn also provided me with printouts of recommended back exercises. A wonderful massage with a bespoke, professional service. Thank you. xxx


Donna M, Facebook

I received my first ever Reiki yesterday! I wasn't totally clued up about Reiki prior to my appointment but Kathryn explained everything really clearly before beginning. I can not believe how relaxed Reiki made me feel and the warmth & tingling sensations during the treatment were encouraging. I now totally believe in Reiki. I have felt so relaxed since and very upbeat and positive. I will definitely have this again. Thank you Kathryn xx


Tracey G, Facebook

Competent, knowledgeable and worth every penny. Can't wait for my next stress relieving treatment xx


Ness T, Feedback Questionnaire

Relaxing! Thanks Kathryn, very professional!


Sarah P, Feedback Questionnaire

Very relaxing and calming, didn't want it to finish.


Ele K, Feedback Questionnaire

Amazing- impressed with aftercare. V V good.


Ellen D, Feedback Questionnaire

Very relaxing, felt at ease. Really professional. Definitely recommend to others.


Emma T, Feedback Questionnaire

Very relaxing, calm and released tension.


Amy S, Feedback Questionnaire

So relaxing & worked out the knots. So lovely - definitely would have one again x


Emma T, Feedback Questionnaire

Lovely energising oil, perfect pressure.


Janine Z, Feedback Questionnaire

Feeling relaxed :)


Denise H, Facebook

Did wonders for my arthritis, and so relaxing I dozed off a couple of times!


Ele K, Facebook

I struggle with upper back knots. Just had the most amazing full body massage. Targeted my problems areas and was escapism bliss. x


Teresa H S, Facebook

Soooo relaxing, I was nodding off. Highly recommended.


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